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Game Scores/MVPs



Most Valuable Player

2014South 20, North 10Dee Ford, Auburn
2013South 21, North 16E.J. Manuel, Florida State
2012North 23, South 13Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati
2011South 24, North 10Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State
2010North 31, South 13Brandon Graham, DL, Michigan


2009South 35, North 18Pat White, QB, West Virginia
2008South 17, North 16Matt Forte, RB, Tulane
2007North 27, South 0Tony Hunt, RB, Penn State
2006North 31, South 14Sinorice Moss, WR, Miami
2005North 23, South 13Charlie Frye, QB, Akron
2004 South 28, North 10Philip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State
2003North 17, South 0Larry Johnson, RB, Penn State
2002South 41, North 26Antwaan Randle El, WR/QB, Indiana
2001South 21, North 16LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, TCU
2000North 24, South 21Chad Pennington, QB, Marshall


1999South 31, North 21Cade McNown, QB, UCLA
1998South 31, North 8Dameyune Craig, QB, Auburn
1997North 35, South 14Pat Barnes, QB, California
1996North 25, South 10Bobby Hoying, QB, Ohio State
1995South 14, North 7Derrick Brooks, LB, Florida State
1994South 35, North 32Stan White, QB, Auburn
1993NFC 21, AFC 6Eric Hunter, Purdue
1992AFC 13, NFC 10Tony Smith, Southern Miss
1991AFC, 38, NFC 28Alvin Harper, Tennessee
1990North 41, South 0Blair Thomas, Penn State


1989South 13, North 12Cleveland Gary, Miami
1988North 21, South 7Thurman Thomas, Oklahoma St.
1987South 42, North 38Don Smith, Mississippi State
1986North 31, South 17Napoleon McCallum, Navy
1985South 23, North 7Paul Ott Carruth, Alabama
1984South 21, North 20Walter Lewis, Alabama / Doug Smith, Auburn
1983North 14, South 6Dan Marino, Pitt / Terry Kinard, Clemson
1982South 27, North 10John Fourcade, Ole Miss / Steve Clark, Utah
1981North 23, South 10Neil Lomax, Portland State
1980North 57, South 3Marc Wilson, Brigham Young


1979South 41, North 21Willie Jones, Florida St.
1978North 17, South 17James Lofton, Stanford
1977North 27, South 24Tommy Kramer, Rice
1976North 42, South 35Craig Penrose, San Diego St.
1975North 17, South 17Steve Bartkowski, California
1974North 16, South 13Bill Kollar, Montana State
1973South 33, North 30Chuck Foreman, Miami
1972North 26, South 21Pat Sullivan, Auburn
1971North 31, South 13J. D. Hill, Arizona State
1970North 37, South 37Terry Bradshaw, La. Tech


1969North 27, South 16Jerry Levias, SMU
1968South 24, North 21Kim Hammond, Florida State
1967North 35, South 13Bubba Smith, Michigan State
1966South 27, North 18Howard Twilley, Tulsa
1965North 7, South 7Steve DeLong, Tennessee
1964South 28, North 21Ode Burrell, Mississippi State
1963South 33, North 27Glynn Griffing, Ole Miss
1962South 42, North 7Earl Gros, LSU / Ronnie Bull, Baylor
1961South 33, North 26Dick Norman, Stanford
1960North 26, South 7Jackie Lee, Cincinnati


1959South 21, North 12Theron Sapp, Georgia / Norm Odyniec, Notre Dame
1958North 15, South 13Jim Taylor, LSU
1957South 21, North 7Don Bosseler, Miami
1956South 12, North 2Don Goss, SMU
1955South 12, North 6Bobby Freeman, Auburn
1954North 20, South 14Gene Filipski, Villanova
1953North 28, South 13Harry Agganis, Boston
1952North 20, South 6Al Dorow, Michigan St.
1951South 19, North 18Bucky Curtis, Vanderbilt
1950*South 22, North 13Travis Tidwell, Auburn
* Note: The first-ever Senior Bowl was played in Jacksonville, Florida. All other Senior Bowl games have been played in Mobile, Alabama.

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