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QB: Tough position to play & evaluate

Fri, Nov 15, 2013

Today we're looking at the most unique position in all of sports: the quarterback. There are three physical attributes a scout must assess when looking at these college players trying to make the move to the NFL:

1. ACCURACY: Can he put in in the right spot, ball location is important.


3. MOBILITY: Not necessarily the ability to run or scramble, but the quarterback must show enough mobility to extend a play and be a moving target for the defense.

Besides those three physical traits, a quarterback at the next level must possess three intangible qualites as well:


2. WORK ETHIC: from both a physical and mental standpoint

3. GOOD DECISION MAKER: On the field as well as off the field

Watch the video above to see examples of all these traits from LSU quarterback Zack Mettenberger and Georgia signalcaller Aaron Murray.