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The most important 'film' in draft process

Fri, Nov 22, 2013

Scouts and NFL clubs looking at potential draftees examine game tape, watch practices and games in person and, of course, go to the Reese's Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and various pro days across the country.

But one of the most important pieces of the entire 'evaluation process' is watching the tape of the 'one-on-ones' at the Reese's Senior Bowl practices. Scouts wear those tapes out post-Senior Bowl. That's top offensive linemen going up against elite defensive linemen, tight ends and running backs going up against linebackers and defensive backs matching up with wide receivers. The tape is priceless and can earn players a lot of money come draft time.

Over the next few weeks, we'll step into the 'Philm Room' and examine the tape from the 2012 Senior Bowl practices and show you specifically what NFL scouts are looking for when they evaluate a player's ability.

Watch the video above to see the offensive lineman go one-on-one with the defensive linemen.