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'Small schoolers' who can confirm abilities

Fri, Feb 21, 2014

They were relatively unknown coming out of so-called 'small schools' in college to participate in the 2014 Reese's Senior Bowl, but now find themselves back in front of the decision makers in the NFL at this weekend's NFL Combine. Here are three prospects who are now on teams' radar after their performance in Mobile, and can confirm their abilities to NFL clubs in Indianapolis.

 1. Caraun Reid     DT      Princeton 

Has initial quickness coming off the ball and showed steady improvement at the Reese's Senior Bowl as he got more comfortable thoughout the week. Registered two sacks on back-to-back plays in the game. He goes into the Combine with a lot of energy.

UPDATE: 40: 4.90     Bench: 20 reps     Vertical: 26.5     Broad: 8'10"     3-cone: 7.59

 2. Walt Aikens      DC     Liberty 

He's built like a safety, but he's primarily a corner. It's going to be really important to see what he runs because if he can run the 40-yard dash in 4.55 or better -- with the size that he brings to the table (6'1", 205lbs) -- he can really help himself. He really fits the dimenson of that outside corner that can press and make receivers go around him.


3 . Lorenzo Taliaferro     RB     Coastal Carolina 

He was the biggest runner in our game -- 6'1, 230lbs. Caught the ball extremely well in practices at the Reese's Senior Bowl and was the best pass protector among the running backs in the one-on-one drills. What he has to prove: is he fast enough outside of the tackles. Between the tackles he's a good enough runner, but people want to see if he is going to be fast enough to run away from somebody on the perimiter. If he can run somewhere in that 4.6 range, he could maintain or even help his draft stock going into the spring.

UPDATE: 40: 4.58     Bench: 18 reps     Vertical: 33"     Broad: 9'10"   3-cone: 6.88     20-yd shuttle: 4.22