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Will Manziel Magic work in the NFL?

Tue, Apr 15, 2014

Johnny Manziel has had the 'magic' in college.


Johnny Manziel has been the most exciting football player in college football the past two years. But how does his game translate to the next level? That's the question NFL clubs in search of a quarterback are facing right now. With that in mind, we put Johnny Football under the microscope this week -- better known as the Philm Room with our Executive Director, Phil Savage, who spend 20 years evaluateing talent in the NFL.

Here are his positives/negatives on Manziel after examining the tape, according to Savage.


1. Enough arm strength 

2. Enough accuracy

3. Athletic ability/instincts

4. Has the 'Manziel Magic'



1. Questionable height

2. Durability questions

3. Decision making

WATCH the video above to see example of each positive/negative trait listed above.