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One-on-One: Isaac Yiadom, Boston College DB

Tue, Jan 02, 2018

Reese's Senior Bowl: You played in the Pinstripe Bowl, have you been able defrost yet?
Isaac Yiadom: Yes, sir. It was cold but I'm doing well now.  

RSB: You grew up in Massachusetts, you're playing ball at Boston College so the freezing temperatures of the Pinstripe Bowl and you'll see in the NFL are no big deal, right?
Yiadom: That's right.

RSB: You've had some opportunities to play alongside some good defensive players in that secondary. John Johnson was a defensive back that we had here in the Reese's Senior Bowl. Talk about the relationships in that DB room because it's produced some talent.
Yiadom: We definitely have a really high standard in that room. I think that's one of the reasons why we're so good. we play so hard back because we had guys like John Johnson, Justin Simons come before us and you know those guys are doing well in the NFL now. It's just a next man up mentality.

RSB: Tell me about the Jay McGillis Award. It's Boston College's award for the DB that best exemplifies team dedication, leadership by example, an extraordinary competitive spirit and personal concern for family, friends and teammates. Why did you win that award and was it voted on by your peers or given to you by the coaches
Yiadom: Yes sir, that award was given to me by the coaches. I found out during the spring game last year. like you said, that's what the award is for. It's such a high honor. I'm just thankful for that. Over the last three years, there's nobody I care about more than my teammates. I'd do anything possible to make sure they know that I’m always there for them. I guess that's why I got that award and that was a huge honor for me.

RSB: Your coaches have had a lot of positive things to say about you. Your head coach, Steve Addazio, is one of the most honest and supportive coaches out there and he said that you were a highly competitive kid with great makeup but most importantly that the sky's the limit for you.
Yiadom: Yes sir. Like he said, the sky's the limit for anybody. You just gotta work hard. I feel like this year I had a chip on my shoulder to go and get it. He said me being invited to the Senior Bowl is a big first step. Sky's the limit so anything can happen.

RSB: We've heard that you're expected to test well at the NFL Combine. There are some people that can't wait to see what you're going to run in the 40-yard dash. Can you give anybody a clue on what you might run?
Yiadom: Yeah, every time we test at school, I ran great times. So we gotta see what I run because you know at the same time, a lot of people think I won't do that but one thing that I’m blessed with is speed so I can't wait to go out there and run a 40 and show everybody what I can do.

RSB: You don't want to put it on the record right now what you're going to run?
Yiadom: Nah, everybody can wait and see. 

RSB: Where are you spending your time and where are you training in preparation of the draft process?
Yiadom: Yes sir, I'm training in Atlanta, Georgia at Chip Smith's. That's a great facility. I can't wait to see what they have in store for me.

RSB: What are some of the best aspects of your style of play that you want to highlight?
Yiadom: Yes sir. One thing I hold myself to a high standard about are my press man and my speed. I feel like I do those two things every single game. If you watch my film I do those things really good. 

RSB: What's one game that you really want to tell an NFL team, "Watch this game. This will tell you everything that you need to know about me?"
Yiadom: The one game through my career I would say to watch would definitely be Clemson this year. I think I was all over the field. I did my job and I just made a bunch of plays so I think Clemson this year.

RSB: What about the game that you really want to bury?
Yiadom: Man, I really don't know. For the most part, I did my job every single game. That's hard to do.

RSB: When you finally got that invitation to join us here in Mobile, what was your reaction?
Yiadom: Man, I was excited. I'm like great friends with Kam (Moore) and Harold (Landry) so once I was told I was going, it was a huge dream come true. I finally get to show off my talent with some of my best friends - go out there and do what I do to make sure I let people see that I can compete at the highest level. It was just a blessing. I couldn't thank God enough for it. I just can't wait to go out there and take advantage of this opportunity.

RSB: You mentioned your two teammates Kam Moore and Harold Landry, that's three defensive players from one team that's been invited to participate in the most high-profile all-star event. What does that say about the mentality of Boston College football? When you first went there, Don Brown was the defensive coordinator who's now at Michigan. How did you go through the change when Coach Brown left?
Yiadom: I think that says a lot, not only about us being great football players, but our character. I feel like we have a bunch of high-character guys at BC on and off the field. We always had a good history of having a great defense. When we first came in, we had the number one defense at one point with Coach Brown. When he left, BC did a great job of hiring new coaches. Me and Kam got a chance to play for Coach (Anthony) Campnaile and I'll see in the next few years what he continues to do. He's the best in the business, there's no better DB coach than him. I'm just thankful I got a chance to play for him because he just taught us so much stuff that nobody else would've ever taught us. 

RSB: So Kamrin Moore and Harold Landry, tell me a little about them. What are your favorite things about your two teammates?
Yiadom: Like I said, it's crazy that us three got invited because us three are all really close. We all hang out with each other a lot. Harold and Kam, one thing about both of them, is that they're true leaders. Kam just holds everybody to a high standard on the team on and off the field all the time. Harold, you see what he does every single day and he expects nothing but the best out of you every single day. It's a great opportunity to be going with them. 

RSB: Communication was your major, 10 years from now where do you see yourself being?
Yiadom: 10 years from now, I'm not sure yet. I could be on ESPN, I could be in Hollywood. I don't know. I just want to do something exciting. 

RSB: You could be on ESPN making football highlights or being an ESPN employee? You could still be playing, who knows.
Yiadom: That's right. Both. ESPN employee or still playing. I hope I'm still playing 10 years from now but if not, I'll still be in football. 

RSB: What's the one thing that you're most looking forward to here?
Yiadom: The one thing I’m just looking forward to is being able to compete and make plays against some of the best players in the country. 

RSB: The floor is yours, is there anything that you want to throw out there that you want everyone to know about Isaac Yiadom?
Yiadom: Nothing much. I just hope they can make it down to Senior Bowl and watch me work, watch me show off my talents that I got.