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The three qualities a WR needs for NFL

Fri, Sep 20, 2013

By Phil Savage

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Wide receivers need to be able to accomplish three things if they want to have a successful pro career.

1. They need to have tremendous suddenness: the ability to break in and out of cuts, the ability to separate from defensive backs down the field.

2. They need to show the ability to make plays. That could mean taking a short pass and turn it into a big play with the run after the catch or it could mean the ability to elevate for the football in the end zone or the red zone.

3. They need excellent size and strength. A top wide receiver needs that to counteract what he sees at the line of scrimmage when he's press covered, man-to-man by a professional cornerback.

Watch the video above to see examples of the three necessary abilites I just listed.

Phil Savage Phil Savage is the Executive Director of the Senior Bowl. He worked 20 years in the NFL as a coach, scout and executive, including two years as the Director of Player Personnel for the Baltimore Ravens and four years as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns.