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Postgame quotes from 2019 Reese's Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl?Post-Game Quotes

Jalen Jelks, DE – Oregon

On how the game went and defense played today

Good, I felt like we definitely got together as a group.  You know, it was kind of rattily in the first, you know, couple of minutes or whatever- everybody is just trying to get the ball moving and stuff like that.  I feel like the defense definitely stepped up in a big aspect and got the whole group going, you know, and we started getting after the quarterback a little bit more. So, as a group I feel like we did pretty good.  As a person, I felt like I couple probably have done a little bit more.  You know, just kind reps and stuff like that.  I feel like I laid it all on the line and definitely tried to show everything I got.


On the pros and cons of this week
Pros?  Definitely everything – just being in this environment, being around all these coaches, getting an opportunity to meet with all of these coaches and general managers from other teams and stuff.  You know, they finally get to put a face with your film.  Cons?  I would just say sleep.  You are up all night, you got to do extra hours to study when you get back to the room and stuff.  You do not go to bed until 12:30 AM or 1-o’clock and you have to be back up at 6:00 AM and do it all over again.  So, that is probably the only con.

On where he goes next
I got to go to the PAC-12 conference thing that they go going on…tomorrow.  Then, I’ll be back in Scottsdale training for a while.    

Oli Udoh, OL – Elon
On how he and the team played
I think I did OK.  I think the team started off really, really fast and were feeling pretty good and then, we kind of slowed it down and they kind of got the momentum and ran with it.  


On what went well this week
I think, for the most part, the one-on-ones and the pass protection drills and all that – I think I did pretty well.  


Khalen Saunders, DT – Western Illinois
On the competition this week coming from a smaller school
There was no learning curve, or anything like that.  Obviously, the speed of the game was a little bit different, but I mean, I adjusted well, and I was not overwhelmed at all.  I feel like I played really good in the game and throughout practice.  I was confident coming into it and going out of it.  


On how he would grade himself this week
Honestly, I do not really know, you know, it all depends on what teams want to see from me and what teams think of me.  So, their fluctuating grades, there will always fluctuating grades. So, you know like I said, I was confident in myself as far as how I played and how I performed in the game, and how I played throughout practice.  But as far as a solid grade, I  honestly have no idea.  


DeShaun Davis, LB – Auburn
On the pressure with his family and supporters at the game
No pressure at all man.  I came out here to do what I do.  I’m a good football player, and whatever stadium I’m in, I am going to be a good football player.  Of course, it was special for me.  Being there and to turn around to see all those guys in one big section.  Like I said, I was just trying to enjoy the moment. My last time being able to play football in the state of Alabama, that kind of hit me when I heard Stidham talking about it.  So, I just wanted to come out here and have fun and enjoy the moment, like I said.  

On what to improve going into the NFL Combine
Everything, everything!...  You can always get better.  I know how important the combine is, journalists know how important it is, agents know how important it is, everyone knows how important it is.  Like I said, I never feel any pressure man.  I am just going to go out and perform.  You know, when you start to feel pressure or feel like you got pressed to do something, that is when you mess up…  I am just going to be me.   


Charles Omenihu, DE – Texas

On his game today
I should have had two sacks!  The dude from Buffalo is huge… It was a good feeling. Because, I’ll be honest with you, I was a little nervous coming in. You know what I am saying, how my body was going to feel and things like that.  I came in and did best I think.  I can play with any group, anybody.


On the best advice he received this week from the coaching staff
The biggest thing, when you come out of your stance, do not even bring your hands back, keep them out. That was definitely huge for me and something I’ll take for the rest of my time,  you know what I am saying, playing ball.


On what you bring an NFL team day one
|Pass rush, a long versatile body, and a guy who is going to make plays.  I mean, this is as close to an NFL game, and I feel like I did my thing.      


Jaquan Johnson, DB – Miami
On what role do you feel most comfortable in the secondary
All this week, I was in the box.  So, I guess they wanted to see my physicality with the tight ends and being able to be part of the run game.  I mean, I feel perfectly fine doing that, but – on the back end – I think I am really good at free safety.


On playing with the other talented defenders
I mean, you know, it was amazing.  You got those guys that are playing at a high level.  So, you know, when you get a bunch of guys that play at a high level, all together, it is competition… You know, I met a lot of different people… and we are friends.

Forest Moreau, TE – LSU
On route running and what he did good this week
They want you to slow down and take a shape angle on a dime.  Just, be able to turn around that corner like that.  It is a lot of different things, you know.  I thought I caught the ball pretty well.  I thought I blocked pretty well.  At the end of the day, I have a lot of stuff to work on.  And that is the beautiful part, I got to come here, and I get a head start on what I have to work on.