OTCole Toner

Harvard — Ivy League
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 303
  • Hometown: Greenwood, IN
  • Age: 21


Cole will be a 22-year old NFL rookie in 2016. A National Merit Society honoree, he was an All-State football player at Roncalli High School, Greenwood, IN, where he also participated in basketball. When he arrived at Harvard in 2012, he served as a backup for four games before starting at right tackle due to an injury and has been in the lineup ever since. Last year, he was selected first team All-Ivy League and is expected to garner the same kind of recognition as a senior. His concentration is government with a secondary in economics. Cole has been invited to the Reese’s Senior Bowl and is expected to graduate in May 2016.

Pre-Draft Participation



Cole is a three-and-a-half year starter at right tackle for the Crimson. A tall-framed prospect that can add more girth in the future, he typically plays from a two-point stance in their modified version of the Spread. In the run game, he is a position blocker who uses his athletic ability and foot agility to wall off opponents and keep them at bay. Cole is not particularly explosive in his lower body or physical with his hands, however, he should be able to get stronger in the future. His hands are wide too often and on down blocks, his lower half will melt at contact, but because of his length and overall movement skills, he has an upside and should develop over the next several seasons. In pass pro, he will “catch” the rusher and then mirror-slide with his feet to defend the edge. Cole is aware to stunts and twists, keeps his eyes up and has a good understanding of his assignments.

For the NFL, he is a fit for the zone-scheme offense made famous by OL coach Alex Gibbs (and the Broncos) that requires more athleticism than bulk, and more technique than power. He has excellent potential as a run and pass blocker, and with more strength development, Cole might possibly be a starter within three seasons. He will be very intriguing to pro line coaches because of his height, toughness and change-of-direction/recovery skills. 

WHAT NFL SCOUTS WANT TO SEE IN 2015: For Cole to tighten his hands when punching an opponent and to show more functional strength in his legs. Plus, seeing him in Mobile against a better level of competition will be very important to his projected draft value.

Tapes Viewed

2015: Brown, Georgetown, Princeton, Dartmouth

Games Viewed

2015: October 4, 2015 (live practice)