DTWill Sutton

Arizona State — Pac-12
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 305
  • Hometown: Corona, California
  • Age: 22


William Sutton will be a 23-year-old rookie in 2014. An All-American in just about every major news outlet as a junior, Sutton decided to return to school for his senior year, helping the Sun Devils work toward a Pac-12 championship.


He was a highly regarded recruit who played immediately when he signed as a freshman. Will started two games as a freshman finishing with 17 tackles and one sack.  He redshirted in 2010 and came back in 2011, becoming the full-time starter at DT. In 2012, he had a dominant season with 23.5 tackles for loss and 13 sacks. He was easily one of the most disruptive interior DL in the country. Hasn’t been as disruptive early in 2013, but has really come on in Arizona State's late season six-game winning streak. He has had 15 tackles and one sack in the last three games.


Sutton comes from an NFL family. His father played DB in the NFL in the late 80’s for the Los Angeles Rams. Sutton played att one of the top high school programs in California with players like Cincinnati Bengals MLB Vontaze Burfict and Nebraska starting QB Taylor Martinez.

Pre-Draft Participation



Sutton is a fifth-year senior who plays defensive tackle in Arizona State's 4-3 defense. He has lined up all over the line at DE, 3Tech and NT. He ideally projects to a 3-technique in the NFL, ideally a one-gap up the field scheme.


An undersized player who is a shade under six foot one, he has a well portioned, thicker lower body, strong bubble and thick arms. A very good athlete for the position, Sutton has good bend and hip flexibility relative to the position.  Plays with a low pad level with very good short-area quickness, explosion and very good functional play speed. Despite his size, athleticism, hand use and his get-off make him a very unique player.


In the passing game, Sutton is a terror. Displays a very good get-off, with low pad level and is excellent with his hands. Despite not having ideal arm length, his hand quickness separates his game, helping him get into offensive linemen while working his way up field. He can dominate guards in one-on-one situations. Has a very good speed move to get on the edges and win with speed. Has good pop and flashes the strength to push the pocket with a good bull rush. Can win in the stunt and twist game. Once he is in the backfield has the burst to close needed to land the quarterback. Sutton must be accounted for on every down by the opposing coaching staff.


In the run game, he does a good job of firing off the snap while keeping his head up looking for the football. He is very active between the tackles. Can play down the line of scrimmage because of quickness and make plays from the backside. A powerful tackler, who wins once squared up. Comparable NFL comps are guys like Cincinnati Bengals Geno Atkins (4th/ 2010) and Green Bay Packers DL Mike Daniels (4th round/2012).  Like Atkins, Sutton is ideally suited as a penetrating (4-3)3-technique.


WHAT NFL SCOUTS WANT TO SEE IN 2013:  Continue his high level of play down the stretch and play well against Stanford in the Pac-12 championship game. Also GMs/Scouts love DL with length -- his combine/pro day measurements could determine his market value within the draft.

-- John Middlekauff, Reese's Senior Bowl West Coast Correspondent/Scout

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