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Beyond X's & O's with Haskell Garrett, Ohio State DL


Where are you from?

  • “I was born in Burlington, Vermont, but I was raised in Hawaii, but I went to high school in Las Vegas, so I am really from a lot of places.”

What sports did you play in high school?

  • “When I was in Hawaii as a freshman, I played basketball and football. When I got to Las Vegas, I played track and field and football.”

What is your biggest motivator?

  • “My biggest motivator is my family.”

What is your day-to-day routine?

  • “I wake up, go get treatment, and watch some film. After that I really just try to get my mind right for practice, then after practice, I try to rest and get ready to do it all over again.”

What is your pregame warm-up song?

  • “It really depends on what mood I’m in. I think it would have to be the Michael Meyers anthem.”

Who is your hero?

  • “Definitely my pops.”

What is your favorite college football memory?

  • “When we beat Clemson last year in 2020.”

What are you most looking forward to the rest of the season?

  • “The development of my team and the development of the young guys, and how I can help develop them in to a great football player before I leave.”

Who is a QB in the NFL you want to sack?

  • “Most definitely the GOAT – Tom Brady.”

What is one thing about yourself that no one knows about you?

  • “I can cook. My favorite thing to cook is my mom’s chicken and asparagus casserole. Hers is most definitely better than mine, but I still like to try.”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

  • “It would definitely be Hawaii – it’s very special to me.”

What are your hobbies outside of football?

  • “I admire old school classic cars. I actually just purchased one on my own.”

Who is the best player you have faced?

  • “Gosh there are so many of them, but the best player I have ever faced and watched is definitely Saquon Barkley when he was at Penn State.”

Is there an NFL player that you try to model your game after?

  • “Definitely Aaron Donald because we are shorter in terms of our position, I mean is about 6 foot and I’m about 6’2. He uses height to his advance, I mean yeah he is shorter but he has a lot of power and strength. I wouldn’t say I try to play like him but a lot of what he does I try to replicate.”

What do you look for when watching tape on the opposing team?

  • “I try to see how they play as a whole and if there is chemistry on the offensive line. You know, guys that play with great chemistry are the most dominant, so I try to see how they work as a group, and then see how they work as an individual.”

After getting a Senior Bowl invite last year, can you talk about your decision to come back and play for Ohio State this year?

  • “The reason I came back was because I had goals that I wanted to reach. I wanted to be a captain before I left, I wanted to be a leader. I also wanted to come back and get my body right for the next level, so there were a lot of things that I just really needed to come back for myself personally and I also wasn’t ready to leave this brotherhood quite yet.”

Is there an area in your game you want to improve on the rest of this season?

  • “The only thing I really want to improve is my leadership. You know I want to improve how I can make the guys around me better. That is really what the greats do. Like, Tom Brady went to the Bucaneers and made their entire association better. LeBron James went from the Heat, to the Cavaliers, to the Lakers and made all of those dudes around him better. You know, I aspire to be like the greats. They can work with what they’ve got and make everyone else around them rise to the occasion.”

Tell me about Coach Larry Johnson - what makes him so great at his job?

  • “He knows how to motivate guys. He knows how to really be more of a mentor outside of football. He can pin point his players asspirations and what the aspire to be and then helps them achieve their goals and get results. His resume speaks for itself. He is the best of the best in my opinion.”

If you could bring one teammate to the NFL with you, who would it be?

  • “It’s crazy, I feel like all of my teammates are already in the NFL. If I could play with one teammate in the NFL, it would be Tommy Togiai.”

You’re stuck on a deserted island with three teammates – who are they?

  • “It would definitely be Harry Miller because he is very smart, Zach Harrison, and probably Thayer Munford. They are all humorous, but at the same time, Harry is like an astronomer, he is very smart and thinks outside the box. Zach can always make me laugh even in bad situations. Thayer’s just Thayer. We would be able to have a good time and get out when we needed to.”