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NFL Flag



Please contact the Senior Bowl staff at (251) 438-2276 for more information!



Senior Bowl NFL Flag


Registration: July, TBA

Kickoff Camp: August, TBA

Season Begins: Mondays in September TBA (6 weeks: Sept. - Oct.)

University of South Alabama Intramural Fields.

6450 John Counts Dr.  Mobile, AL 36608

TIME: 4:30pm - 6:30pm



NFL FLAG is a fun and exciting sport open to boys and girls ages 6-12. It provides opportunities for boys and girls to enjoy this country's favorite sport in a non-contact environment. Players benefit by being physically active while learning the fundamentals of football along with lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. NFL FLAG teaches many of the same skills necessary to the tackle game and often serves as a stepping stone for players into padded football.


Registered NFL FLAG players receive a free joint parent-player membership to USA Football. Become a better player by using USA Football's online member tools and resources. The online Drills Library provides players with access to practice drills broken down by position. Learning drills is now easier with 2D and 3D animations. Drills include: Warm-up, Speed, Offense, Defense and Special Teams.



NFL team-branded jerseys

NFL FLAG Football belts

USA Football player membership

Player's Insurance Coverage

NFL FLAG, powered by USA Football, is also part of NFL PLAY 60, the league's youth health and fitness campaign. The program promotes physical fitness by getting kids active for 60 minutes a day. FOR MORE INFO: Visit



1. What happens on the first Monday of the season?
The players will be divided by age groups and placed on teams. Each participant will receive a jersey and flag belt. After each player is assigned to a team, they will practice for 40 minutes (5:00pm-5:40pm) with their coach and new teammates before playing a "preseason" game (5:45pm-6:25pm).


2. Will there be practices?
There will not be practices outside of the 30-minute warm-up and "practice" time scheduled for each team prior its first game begins each week. The plan is for each team to play regular season games on each Monday, with a total of 10 games to be played. This league is designed to be fun and a learning experience for the children, yet not require a large time commitment for parents and families.


3. Where will the games be played?
All games will be played at the University of South Alabama Intramural Fields. This location is on-campus at 6450 John Counts Dr.  Mobile, AL 36608.


4. What should the kids wear?
Players should wear shorts, t-shirt, and football cleats if possible (not necessary but highly suggested). Players will receive their game jersey and flag belt during the first week (Sept. 16) and should wear that jersey and belt with shorts beginning week two.


5. May I be on the same team as my friend?
Only siblings (who age-wise would play in the same division) may request to be on the same team.


6. May I request a specific coach?
Players will be assigned coaches, unless a parent is coaching. That parent will be able to coach his/her child.


7. Will the games be indoors?
All games will be played outdoors, weather permitting. If games are cancelled due to weather, you will be alerted via email/text. We have built in an extra week at the end of the season to serve as a potential makeup date if games must be postponed due to weather.


8. Do I have to be there right at 4:30pm each week?
Yes, if possible. Practice time will run from 4:30-5:00pm. Games will begin at 5:00pm starting in week two. We want all the children to experience our game, so we can work something out on an individual basis, if necessary.


9. How will the teams be divided?
Divisions are still being determined but none younger than 5 or older than 12.


10. How many games will they play?
Six-year olds will have their own "developmental" league with drills and practice games each week. Beginning week two, the other divisions will play two games each week, for a total of 10 games. The team with the best record will be the league champion. Tiebreaker is head-to-head, and if necessary, point differential. Championship teams only (in each age division) will be invited to play in the annual Senior Bowl Turkey Bowl prior to Thanksgiving and are also awarded Senior Bowl tickets and parking passes for their family.


11. Will the player be able to keep their jersey and flags?
The jersey and flags are the players to keep following the six-week season.