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Scout School: LBs vs RBs in pass coverage

Fri, Dec 13, 2013

This week in the Reese's Senior Bowl 'Philm' Room, Executive Director Phil Savage focuses on the running backs' route running and linebackers' coverage-ability when the two position groups meet during one-one-one's at the Reese's Senior Bowl practices.

From the running back's perspective, scouts are analyzing:

1. Stance

2. Angle of release

3. Ability to stem the route

4. Catch and run after catch 

From the linebacker's perspective, scouts are looking at:

1. Stance

2. Approach to line of scrimmage

3. Ability to trail and stay on top of the route

4. Adjust downfield

5. Effort to finish the play

Watch the video above to see several examples of the running back getting the best of the linebacker, and visa-versa.