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RSB reveals new start time, new partnership

Tue, Dec 15, 2015

MOBILE, Ala. (Dec. 15) – The 67th Reese’s Senior Bowl brings in the top talent in college football and serves as the ultimate bridge to the National Football League. In an effort to bring the best product to its fans, organizers are pleased to announce several changes for the game.

KICKOFF TIME: The North and South will kick off at 1:30pm CT, 90 minutes earlier than usual.  The Reese’s Senior Bowl is a community partner and supports the annual Mardi Gras festivities. The earlier game time will allow fans to attend that evening’s parade in downtown Mobile.

“We wanted to accommodate our fans that want to see football and floats on the same day this year,” said Reese’s Senior Bowl Executive Director Phil Savage.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION: Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment (GSE) is a division of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management that serves the unique financial needs of emerging and veteran talent and their advisors in the sports and entertainment industries. As this year’s crop of seniors are sharply focused on the NFL combine and Draft, GSE is teaming up with the Reese’s Senior Bowl to ensure that these athletes are also prepared for the financial challenges and responsibilities associated with playing in the NFL.

“Over the next few months, the lives of these athletes are going to accelerate from 50 to 100 mph as they prep for their ultimate goal of making the NFL,” said Drew Hawkins, Managing Director and Head of Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment. “As these young men put all of their focus on the field, GSE is partnering with the Reese’s Senior Bowl to ensure they are also thinking about their finances from the start of their careers – a crucial step in planning for long term success.”

Reese's Senior Bowl teams up with Morgan Stanley GSE

GSE’s role with the Reese’s Senior Bowl will include financial education programs for both the North and the South teams as well as specialized programs for the parents of these athletes as they help to prepare their sons to become professional football players. These education programs will be focused on bringing real-life, relatable perspectives to these young players. Former NFL linebacker Bart Scott and former NBA forward Antoine Walker, who serve as consultants to GSE, will help run these programs, authentically highlighting their unique sets of experiences handling finances during their professional careers. 

 “We are so pleased to have Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment as our official financial education partner and a new premium sponsor for 2016,” Savage said. “Their dedicated division of experts will be here providing relevant information to the players and their families throughout the week as they face the possible challenge of managing newfound wealth.”

POSTGAME POLICY: At the conclusion of play, fans will no longer be allowed on the field, for the safety of fans and players. This will be strictly enforced.

“In light of the numerous situations that have occurred across the nation following games, we are asking for everyone to cooperate on this matter,” Savage said, “knowing that there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the players throughout our weeklong schedule of events.”

SENIOR BOWL EXPERIENCE: The thousands of fans that attend this popular event on Friday at the Mobile Convention Center will get to experience the game with Reese’s Senior Bowl players through new interactive football obstacle courses.

PREGAME/HALFTIME: South Alabama’s band will play during pregame festivities and the New Orleans Saintsations will be on the sidelines for the second straight year. And, the Reese’s Senior Bowl is pleased to announce that halftime will belong to two-time Canine Disc National Champion, the Bama Air Dogs, who will thrill the crowd with their acrobat frisbee catching.