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Pro Day Video

Senior Bowl Pro Day Video

The Senior Bowl Scouting staff is proud to provide this step-by-step instructional video on how to conduct and film a valid pro-day workout. While we applaud the National Football League’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, we also understand that the cancellation of pro-days across the country has created challenges for the 32 teams in regards to obtaining missing measurements and testing data. This video will allow individual players and schools, particularly at the smaller sub-FBS levels, to collect information in a manner consistent with NFL scouting methods. Also, since NFL combine scouts from NFS or BLESTO are unable to hold junior pro-days this year, this video will allow smaller schools to, at minimum, get their own player measurements (height/weight/hand/arm/wingspan) to submit to NFL clubs.

For schools or training facilities conducting a full multi-player pro-day, please take clear head shots of each participant at the start of the workout (during height/weight measurements) and make sure each individual has clearly marked or distinguishing workout gear (ex, t-shirts with jersey # on front & back).

Per CDC guidelines, we must stress that the Senior Bowl is not encouraging large group participation for timing and testing.